safehavenforanimals - rescuing abandoned,unwanted,abused,neglected,animals
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i have started this rescue group to help animals in need. it is my passion and love for animals, that i needed to do more to help the ones who cant help  or speak for themselves.

i take the animals in  that have been abandoned, neglected, and alone scared, i give them love and a safe place to go. i then take them to the vet they are spayed and neutered and given whatever medication they need to get healthy. these dogs need foster homes until they find forever homes.
i also take in animals that owners can no longer provide a home for i can pick them up, or they can drop thier pets off. i keep them until they find forever homes. 
i am non profit  i have no financial help i do this out of the kindness of my heart if you would like to help by donating food, beding, toys, bones, or send a donation i started a fundraising account at the credit union #60218

if you have a big heart i would love to hear from you!
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